Kabuken means "stock certificate" in Japanese
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FAQ: Terminology
Below is a list of words, phrases and acronyms that are commonly used in the world of stock investment and also in our website.
Q: What is ADR?
A: ADR stands for American Depositary Receipt. It is a negotiable certificate representing share(s) of foreign stocks traded on US exchange. It can be bought just like you would with shares of US company, and it is issued by U.S. financial institution. One of the major difference is that 1 AD share does not always mean 1 share of the company, and the ratio differs depending on individual company.
Q: What is DPP?
A: DPP stands for Direct Purchase Plan (it is also called Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)). This service allows an investor to purchase shares of a company directly from a transfer agent, thus eliminating a need to buy shares through a broker.
Q: What is DRIP?
A: DRIP stands for Dividend Reinvestment Plan (it is also referred as DRP). This service allows existing shareholders to reinvest their dividend into additional shares of the company.
Q: What is IPO?
A: IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, and it is the first offering of shares of a company to the public. New or private company, as well as a company that is being spun-off from its parent company, can become publicly traded company by going through the IPO process.
Q: What is scripophily?
A: Scripophily is a hobby of collecting stock certificates and bonds.
Q: What is Transfer Agent?
A: Transfer Agent is a company that is assigned by a publicly traded company to handle the transactions and record keeping of their shareholders.



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